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Delivering Energy Procurement
Reporting on energy efficiency
Flexible Energy Management (FEM) understands that in today’s energy conscious world, there is a great deal of emphasis and kudos placed on improving and reporting on energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction.

However, the administrative burden of monitoring and reporting on energy and carbon emissions is time consuming and potentially costly.

FEM offer a bespoke Microsoft Excel based energy monitoring tool that allows users to comprehensively assess energy costs, consumptions and carbon dioxide emissions for both their electricity and gas supplies.

Presented in an easily accessible format to the user, with interactive charts that can be exported into documents or presentation slides, these bespoke energy monitoring tools are invaluable aids in assisting an organisation to deliver its energy monitoring, reporting and budgeting needs.

We also offer training days to teach our clients how to fully utilise the bespoke energy monitoring tools so that they can extract all the key information required for their own energy monitoring and reporting needs.

Bespoke Energy Monitoring Solutions
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